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Specialty Lens Tinting

Specialty Lens Tinting

Dyslexic Tints

  • Rx Safety has been offering a service for Dyslexic tints for over 10 years
  • Dyslexic tints require highly specific and precise colours to be effective.  As manufacturers we have the expertise and skill to make Dyslexic tint colours to your specification
  • Dyslexic tints are matched to the LEE and GAM range of colours and we have matched over 70 variants of shades for Dyslexic Tints
  • We can also match tints very precisely for other Dyslexic systems

Blue Blocker Tint Lenses


  • Rx Safety makes blue blocker lenses for protecting wearers against blue light using in UV light curing in dental applications
  • Available in both prescription and non-prescription

FL41 Tint Lenses

  • Rx Safety can supply FL41 tints for assisting patients with the Blepharospasm condition
  • Tint density is as per customers specification.  Our experience is that either 57% and 70% absorption will provide the best results for your patients


 * Please note that we are unable to tint Glass lenses *