Rx Safety Specialises in making
Certified and Compliant Prescription Safety Eyewear

Challenging Scripts are our Specialty

Rx Safety – Rx Safety specialises in making Certified and Compliant Prescription Safety Spectacles to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1337.6:2012
Rx Dive – Rx Dive specialises in surfacing and laminating customised prescription glass lenses onto scuba diving masks.
We provide a full range of Radiation Safety Lenses including non prescription, single vision, bifocal and progressive prescription lenses.
Rx Specialty specialises in hard to find, tricky optics and can make awkward, high minus and plus scripts with high cyl and prism options.

The Rx Safety group is a wholesale lab only. Supply of prescription lenses can only be made to optometrists only. If you are not an optometrist and would like prescription eyewear, please give us a call today for an optometrist in your area.

Leaded Glass – Radiation Safety Lenses

The use of leaded safety glasses is encouraged when working with analytical x-rays encountered in many health and medical professions where there is the possibility of exposure to radiation.

Rx Safety is pleased to offer 1.8 index leaded glass lenses.  This lens provides eye safety protection against X-Ray radition from scattered radiation in areas such as electro physiology, orthopaedic surgery, radiology, catheterization laboratories, urologic procedures and veterinary surgeries.