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Need Something Unusual? Have a Complicated High Script?

Challenging Scripts are our Specialty!

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Rx specialty has its aim to provide a specialty lens manufacturing service.

Rx Specialty recognises that almost all optical wholesalers supply lenses made using freeform lens surfacing machinery. Freeform optical machining equipment is highly efficient at making standard lens ranges. However this machinery is limited resulting in making high powers , high cylinder powers and high prism.

Freeform machinery is unable to make certain traditional lenses such as executives, executive trifocals.

Awkward lenses are a time consuming challenge for normal optical laboratories.

Rx Specialty can make these awkward lenses for you, and we offer:

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  • Extensive script range
  • High Minus power lenses
  • High Plus power lenses
  • Lenticular product
  • Extensive product listing
  • Australian made
  • Timeliness
  • Cost Effective

Rx Specialty can complement your existing laboratory service by supplying your awkward lenses.