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RX Glass

Glass Ophthalmic and Precision Glass Lenses

Rx Safety makes glass ophthalmic lenses for optical wholesalers, optical practices in Australia and New Zealand.

Our wide range of products includes:1_70_White_Hi-index_Glass_Lens

  • White glass single vision 1.53, 1.7, 1.8, index
  • White glass D28 and trifocals
  • White glass Progressives 1.6 index
  • PGX single vision 1.53, 1.6 index
  • PGX D28 and Trifocals
  • PGX Progressives 1.6 index
  • Polarised glass SV – grey and brown
  • PBX SV and D28

Specialty lenses includes Lead Glass (Xray protection).

All surfacing is carried out in our laboratory in Lonsdale, South Australia.

Rx Safety has the capability of making Precision Glass lenses , examples of which include specialty lenses for industrial cameras and mining machinery cameras and lenses for specialty Healthcare Instruments.