Certified or Compliant?

What is the difference between Certified & Compliant prescription safety eyewear?

Our range encompasses both Certified and Compliant prescription safety eyewear.

Our Certified range has been independently tested and certified by SAI Global receiving the “Five Tick Tower” and is covered by both our public liability insurance and by SAI Global insurance.

Our Compliant eyewear range is tested internally using equipment at our Lonsdale facility in South Australia which includes ballistics tester, penetration tester and drop ball tester.  All Compliant eyewear adheres to the standards set in AS/NZS 1337.6 and is covered by our public liability insurance.



Certified Safety Range

Our Certified medium impact products in polycarbonate (1.59) and Trivex (1.53) materials come in single vision, bifocal, occupational progressive and full progressive designs.  All lenses can be multicoated and are available in clear, polarised, photochromic and tinted lens treatments.

Depending on lens and frame selection, Certified script ranges vary from +8.00/-6.00 to -10.00/-6.00 (combined script).