Leaded Xray Glass Frame Range

At Rx Safety, we have an extensive range of Safety Frames that are suitable to be used with Radiation X-Ray leaded glass lenses.

Rx Safety recommends that the following frame range to be used with Radiation X-Ray leaded glass lenses as these frames are all capable of being fitted with leaded side shields.

ASW Point Break

Eye Size: 58/17
Colour: Black & Black/Purple

ASW Trifecta

Eye Size: 58/17
Colour: Black & Black/Grey Blue

Cummings Optical Safety 360

Eye Size: 55/15
Colour: Grey/Clear

OnGuard Safety OG 210

Eye Size: 57/16
Colour: Black & Chestnut Brown

OnGuard Safety OG 220

Eye Size: 55/15, 58/15
Colour: Grey/Pink, Purple/White, Black/Clear, Chestnut Brown/Clear & Clear

Ugly Fish – Cannon

Eye Size: 58/16
Matte Black, Matte Navy

Ugly Fish – Lynx

Eye Size: 53/16
Black/Pink & Tortoiseshell

Ugly Fish – Sparkie

Eye Size: 56/15
Colour: Black/Clear

                       Ugly Fish – Sabre

Eye Size: 56/17
Gunmetal & Black


Ugly Fish – Twister

Eye Size: 56/15
Colour: Black, Brown Woodgrain & Burgundy

Ugly Fish – Warhead

Eye Size: 60/15
Matte Black, Brown Tortoiseshell, Black/Red

                        Winks Dynamik

Eye Size: 56/15
Crystal Clear & Crystal Smoke